The Original Five Commercial Kitchens for Rent. Established 1984.
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Chef's Commercial Kitchen Co-op
A Culinary Incubator for Artisanal Food. Small Private and Shared Commercial Kitchens.

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Effective:  1/1/15


Simplified Pricing Chart




Hours per Month


Per Hour


Min Total



16 - 64

 One-Time and     Short-Term

$1200/minimum/Cleaning Fee May Apply
1 - 4
A one-time Registration Charge of $35 applies to all categories


Full Time
  • 64 or more hours per month
  • Set weekly schedule
  • Priority in scheduling additional hours
  • Permanent storage
  • $1000 security deposit / first and last month’s rent required
  • $20 per hour includes rent and utilities
Part Time
  • Must purchase 24 hours min which can be broken up over time
  • Can book new hours 6 weeks in advance
  • $500 security deposit
  • $25 per hour includes rent and utilities
One Time, Short Term &Temporary USE
  • $3500 minimum
  • Cleaning fee may apply ($80)
  • $500 security deposit
  • Full payment when hours booked
  • Call for quote, includes rent and utilities
Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes can be booked up to 6 weeks in advance. Once you have registered with us (a $35 one time fee) you will have access to our on-going schedule and can book classes in any available time slots. You will need a $500 security deposit to book your class. Once you have paid your security deposit this will be available to use for all future classes. The cost for cooking classes is $275 for up to 4 hours. We will provide seating and all major equipment for your class. You must bring your own small equipment and knives. 

Photo and Film Shoots

Photo and Film Shoots can be booked up to 6 weeks in advance.  You will need a $1000 security deposit to book your shoot. If last minute filming needs to take place, we charge a $250 fee to re-arrange existing schedules for your shoot. Prices for filming are $3500 daily and can be quoted when details of the shoot are available. 



All payments must be received prior to kitchen use.
There will be no exceptions.




Utilities Etc.:

Utilities cover triple net charges based on number of hours reserved per month; this includes electricity, gas, water, sewage, pest control, cleaning common areas (bathrooms, hallways, front & back of building) trash pick-up, Health Department License and Sanitation Dept. Permits.

Security Deposit

The security deposits are fully refundable provided that you have paid all of your rent on time, and that you have caused no damage to our facility.   For full time tenants the security deposit is $1000, and for part-time the deposit is $500. If there are any outstanding monies owed they will be deducted from your security deposit  You must ask for your security deposit to be returned, as many of our chefs keep their deposit in place to be able to resume kitchen use in the future.  You will receive a refund within 10 days after your refund request.

To Terminate on-going Kitchen Use:

One Month advance written notification is required; last month’s rent will be forfeited if this written notification is not received 30 days prior to termination.